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  • Choose products wisely - Not all products are created equal or alike. If possible go for sulfate free shampoo and silicone free conditioners. These ingredients are harsh on hair over time this can make your hair look dry & dull. The Brickell DailyStrengthening Shampoo for men is a great gentle yet powerful choice, its
    a nBrickell Shampooatural cleanser providing a deep cleansing experience for a flake-free scalp. 



  • Wash 2/3 times a week. Too often strips your hair of protective oils that are naturally provided by your scalp. The oils the scalp produces are meant to nourish protect and keep it healthy. Due to our active, sweaty lifestyles though we do need to shampoo our hair so try 2/3 times a week. You'll notice improvements in your hair!

  • Condition your hair every few days. Even the most gentle, natural shampoos for men can remove the need oils from your hair. Conditioner helps put them back - keeping it healthy. The Brickell Revitalising Hair Conditioner for men nourishes the hair to restore shine, moisture, and elasticity



brickell condiitoner 

    • Look after your scalp - this is where your hair grows from! If you are using styling products in your hair filled with toxins, they can creep down your hair shaft. Over time this can wreck havoc on your scalp - the conditioner of your scalp is a direct reflection of your hair!
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