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Fundamentals of Men's Skincare

If you have ignored your skin up until now, here are some steps to help you to start making major changes to your daily grooming routine that will improve it.

  • Ditch the soap and use a proper cleanser – Soap is damaging to your skin so please do us a favour and bin it. Instead try using our must have cleansers available here. Our cleansers are free from harmful chemicals and also gentle for the skin.
  • Face scrub – The skin on your face is full of pores that fill with all kinds of nasty stuff, dirt and debris. It is a great idea to cleanse your face thoroughly on a regular basis. A decent granular face scrub will get rid of the dirt and exfoliate your skin, leaving your skin feeling clean, light and smooth ready for you to shave. This regime should be repeated 2-3 times weekly. See our scrubs here.
  • Moisturiser – Your skin will often feel very dry all thanks to the pounding it takes from everyday living and our environment. Even if you have oily skin, you need to replenish the moisture content that keeps escaping. Use one of our moisturisers to get your skin moisture levels back up.
  • Eye cream – The eyes have very thin skin around them and they are often the first to show signs of aging. It is around the eyes that wrinkles will start to appear, by using specially formulated eye cream this can help to prevent early signs of aging and help remove fine lines within the facial area.
  • Clay Mask – Although this may seem very womanly, using a clay mask will help to deep cleanse the face removing excess oil, improve cellular regeneration and rid you of dead skin cells.